Pizza Restaurants in Scottsdale, Italian Restaurants in Scottsdale

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Top 10 Pizza Restaurant in  Scottsdale, Top 10 Italian Restaurant in Scottsdale

Here is our list of some of the best Pizza restaurants in Scottsdale as well as the best Italian restaurants in Scottsdale.

Little Chicago Pizza 
1# Pizza Restaurant in Scottsdale
1# Italian Restaurant in Scottsdale
Local counter-serve option dishing out thin-crust pizzas, subs & familiar red-sauce dishes.
Address1645 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85257
HoursOpen today · 11AM–11PM

Joe’s New York Pizza 

 #2 Italian restaurant in Scottsdale
#2 Pizza restaurant in Scottsdale
New York-style pizzeria with slices & whole pies, pasta & cheesesteaks, plus late-night hours.
Address7321 E Shoeman Ln, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
HoursOpen today · 9AM–3:30AM · See more hours

Ray’s Pizza 
#3 Pizza Restaurant in Scottsdale
#3 Italian Restaurant in Scottsdale
Counter-service option for pizzas, calzones, pasta & sandwiches in a down-to-earth setting.
Located in: Sonora Village
Address15577 North Hayden Road, Suite A2, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Sauce Pizza & Wine 

#4 Pizza Restaurant in Scottsdale

#4 Italian Restaurant in Scottsdale

Local Italian chain serving pizza, pasta & panini, plus beer & wine, in a casual setting.
Address7135 E Camelback Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
 HoursOpen today · 11AM–9PM

Gus’s New York Pizza Lounge Scottsdale 
#5 Pizza Restaurant in Scottsdale
#5 Italian Restaurant in Scottsdale
No-frills pizzeria offering thin-crust pies & slices (for eat-in or delivery) until the wee hours.
 Address: 7333 E Shoeman Ln Scottsdale AZ,
 HoursOpen today · 11AM–4:45AM · See more hours

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria 
#6 Pizza Restaurant in Scottsdale
#6 Italian Restaurant in Scottsdale
Casual, Brooklyn-based pizzeria chain serving brick-oven pies & calzones plus wine & beer.
Address4000 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
HoursOpen today · 11AM–10PM

IL Bosco Pizza 
#7 Pizza Restaurant in Scottsdale
#7 Italian Restaurant in Scottsdale
Resource for artisanal wood-fired pizzas served in a compact space with industrial decor & a patio.
 Address7120 E Becker Ln, Scottsdale, AZ 85254
HoursOpen today · 4–9PM

Little Chicago pizza shop of course it has great Chicago style pizza and wings. Being from Chicago they even have hot dogs Chicago dog a grilled Frankfurter a chili dog a grilled chicken Caesar Peta great salads cold subs hot subs and pasta dinners. You have to take a look at the spaghetti spaghetti with meat malls the ravioli the tortellini the Alfredo and then of course you got the baked ziti and zeti with meatballs stuffed shells meat lasagna eggplant parmesan chicken parmesan. Now we get to the pizzas of course Chicago style pizza is a little thicker than most there calzones are outstanding also. You got to take a look at the Chicago beef pizza Italian beef sweet peppers and onions the cubs pizza sausage green pepper mushroom and onions the sox pizza onions tomatoes green peppers mushrooms and black olives the bears pizza Chicago I mean sorry sausage onions bacon barbecue sauce the bulls pizza is sausage pepperoni bacon. They’re all delicious come down and try one.

Joe’s New York pizza as close to New York as you can get in The Valley. Big Apple pizza by the slice you can almost feel the Subway rumbling under your feet the crest is properly thin and slightly chewy and the cheese and a saucer high quality folded New York style and wants the cheese oils who run from the grease. Of course they have a Caledon and a strong bully what else they have its called a chicken roll and a sausage roll all of them taste outstanding. Then we can look at pizzas they even have pizza by the slice they have Sicilian style pizza that’s the best of all.

Ray’s pizza is always one of my Favorite pizza joints in The Valley because they serve slices. They’ve been voted best pizza by there is on Republic they been voted Scottsdale airpark top award best of city search and the new times best to Phoenix awards. Raised pizza makes some amazing pizzas you can have a by the slice you can buy have a by the whole pie you can have a by the callous zone you can have a bye this Stromboli.

At Sauce pizza they have announced standing variety of menu items. They’ve even labeled their menu items GF for gluten free dabs outstanding that they take care of their customers that well. They offer appetizers on the lighter side they have a large selection of salads they offer signature pizzas that are to dive for the offer pasta dishes that are just like what gramma used to make homemade soups and side dishes round out announce standing menu it’s more of an Italian restaurant and it is a pizza restaurant but they do have good pizza.

Gus’s New York pizza lounge in Scottsdale. Just the fact that it has the word lounge in the name says it’s going to be a pretty fancy little pizza joint period of course they have salads chicken Caesar chef salad and a pasta Greek salad. They got wings they got bonus wings they got a calzone on they got a Stromboli. Build your own pasta I got Peter wraps. Toasted subs Liam then we finally get to the pizzas and the specialty pizzas like Gus a special pizzas The Bronx bomber pizza Philly cheese steak pizza the white pie pizza the Mediterranean pizza the veggie explosion pizza of course the Hawaiian chicken and the Hawaiian pizza the white chicken pizza Buffalo chicken pizza. Rounding out the menu is cheesecake by the slice and a monster cookie with ice cream.

Grimaldi’s pizza uses a coal burning oven. They give you fresh ingredients and made monterilla and The Secret recipe dough. Their pizza sauce is made some of the most Award-winning pizzas in America. Their pizzas in calzones or baked to perfection in their signature coal burning open to the ring a tantalizing aroma unique flavor and crisp crest that is just not possible from gas or conviction or wood oven. Grimaldi’s has some interesting items to put on there’s data they have artichoke hearts jalapenos oven roasted red pepper his son dried tomatoes and baby spin age along with the rest of the traditional pizza options like mushrooms Italian sausage meatballs black olives. They make a pesto pizza with fresh mozzarella they make a traditional pizza they make a white garlic pizza they make a Caledon and a Buffalo chicken pizza to round out that menu. You might want to check out the dawn pizza the garden pizza the Brooklyn bridge pizza all of the pizzas are outstanding at Grimaldi’s.

Lil Bosco’s pizza great pizza great place great time delicious meals and crafted from select organic ingredients. If you want a great and supreme Li tasty experience in a warm atmosphere with an attentive host you’ll get this and more at the flagship restaurant of bill Forrest. Try some of the roasted season vegetables trying to meatballs tried the Caesar salad try the different cans of pizzas they even have root beer floats brownies Allah mode wide variety of beverages wide variety of wines this is a great place to come and hang out and have some good food.

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