Pizza restaurant in San Tan, Italian restaurant in San Tan.

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Top 10 pizza restaurant in San Tan, Top 10  Italian restaurant in San Tan

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria 
#1 Pizza Restaurant in San Tan
#1 Italian restaurant in San Tan
Casual, Brooklyn-based pizzeria chain serving brick-oven pies & calzones plus wine & beer.
Located in: SanTan Village
Address2168 E Williams Field Rd #502, Gilbert, AZ 85295
HoursOpen today · 11AM–11PM

Chicago Pizza & Pub 

#2 Pizza Restaurant in San Tan
#2 Italian restaurant in San Tan
American pub fare plus pizza & calzones are offered at this hangout with TVs tuned to sports.
Address40975 N Ironwood Rd, San Tan Valley, AZ 85140
HoursOpen today · 11AM–2AM

NYPD Pizza 

#3 Pizza Restaurant in San Tan
#3 Italian restaurant in San Tan
Casual local chain with East Coast-style, thin-crust pizzas, calzones & local brews on tap.
Address2743 S Market St, Gilbert, AZ 85295
HoursOpen today · 11AM–10PM

MOD Pizza 

#4 Pizza Restaurant in San Tan
#4 Italian restaurant in San Tan
Counter-serve chain with industrial-chic decor known for build-your-own pizza.
Address2904 S San Tan Village Pkwy, Suite 101, Gilbert, AZ 85295


Open today · 10:30AM–11PM

Rosati’s Pizza 

#5 Pizza Restaurant in San Tan
#5 Italian restaurant in San Tan
Italian chain eatery featuring Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, plus pasta & sandwiches.
Address287 E Hunt Hwy, Queen Creek, AZ 85143
HoursOpen today · 11AM–11PM

Pizza Romano 
#6 Pizza Restaurant in San Tan
#6 Italian restaurant in San Tan
Address40615 N Gantzel Rd, San Tan Valley, AZ 85140


Open today · 10:30AM–10PM

Geno’s Giant Slice #4 

#7 Pizza Restaurant in San Tan
#7 Italian restaurant in San Tan
Address2510 E Hunt Hwy, San Tan Valley, AZ 85143


Open today · 10AM–11PM

Grimaldi’s Pizza is an institution their family business began open their 1st pizza restaurant in Brooklyn. At all started with their coal fired brick oven pizza over a 100 years ago. In fact the entire concept has been built around their signature cold fired brick oven pizza which has been a family staple from the last century. Why Call sired brick ovens you ask a? The tantalizing aroma of pizza and calzones baked to perfection in our signature coal burning oven offers a unique flavor and a crisp crust that is simply not available from a gas or wood burning oven. The fresh ingredients the handmade mozzarella the handmade dough create an Award-winning pizzeria across America. The Secret recipe for the hand tossing dough is made in house daily while the open kitchen layout provides an entertaining experience for each visitor. Her premium bar with an extensive wine list perfectly complements any occasion. It is our Passion for pizza that has made us a must have for pizza lovers and celebrities like and including Frank Sinatra a welcome to Grimilda’s we are honored to have you as our guest.

Chicago pizza and pub in San tan Valley offers an authentic Chicago dining experience. The Crown is Chicago pizza and published friendly and the staff are always there to make your experience enjoyable pull up a chair watch your favorite sporting event on 1 of 17 huge flat screen TV is. They’re located at the corner of ocotillo and ironwood open 11:00 a.m. for lunch.

A course they have the traditional appetizers like deep fried mushrooms and chicken wings may be fried zucchini and cheese sticks. But they do have a shrimp basket and the spinae dip and sloppy fries floppy fries are the best fries in town. Ers playing the choose from there’s 7 different sandwiches 5 different salads there’s even burgers at this joint pita sandwiches and Chicago hotdogs fish-and-chips and wings. Let’s talk about the pizzas now we got thin crust and we got thick crust and every topping you could imagine deep dish Chicago style or switch to a callus on its all outstanding Italian food.

At NYPD pizza in The Secret is in the dough. They may can tossed dough daily and they cook it in a classic stone oven the sauces made from a family recipe using California Vine ripened tomatoes and a secret blend of spices. Whole milk monster rella that is made exclusively for them. Plus their secret ingredients appear to be filtered water exactly as it is in New York which is why the bagels taste better on the East Coast.

Of course NYD Peter has Sicilian style pizza for those of you that don’t know what that is it’s a square sheet of pizza it’s not round.

Mod pizza is the original super fast pizza experience a Pioneer in casual fast and dining that puts you in the driver seat. Artisan style pizzas and salads are individually sized made on the man and ready in minutes. Choose from over 30 toppings the price stays the same no matter what you pick. What a concept mode is a platform for doing good. The idea? If we take care of our employees will take care of you and our business we take care of itself it’s come spreading madness and after opening stores across the US and UK we think it’s working.

Rosati’s what can you say about them they kept their pizza in square slices and its outstanding. Rosati’s has one of the better lasagna is in The Valley also grab some salad grabs Malayan you get some pizza get some wings it’s all outstanding food.

Nearly a century ago Sam resolve I started making pizza in Chicago. Sam’s father begin the family tradition of serving delicious Italian food to customers in their New York restaurant then the family moved to Chicago yet another fine Italian restaurant was born with the Italian style pizza tasty appetizers with homemade tomato sauce and great though.

today we have the best pizza restaurants
in San Tan or at the best Italian
restaurants in San Tan so New York Pizza
Department is going to show us a website
on slice or places so you don’t get any
pictures let’s go to Grimaldi’s where
you actually have a nice website and a
good looking restaurant this looks like
authentic Italian pizza coal brick oven
pizza oh look at that pesto look at the
white garlic pizza the calzone looks
amazing let’s go over to Chicago pizza
and pub this one looks like it’s got
some great lasagna and they got 17 TVs
santan Gilbert Arizona what do they got
here we got a mod pizza
they got boxes rose Oddie’s truly one of
the top pizza restaurants in the valley
her pizzas our cutting square slice is
not normal then we got Pizza Romano two
locations this looks good this looks
really good they don’t skimp on anything
here and they have fresh ingredients
then we got Geno’s another one on slice
let’s go back – Rosati x’ is the best in
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