Best Pizza Restaurant in Glendale / Peoria, Italian restaurant in Glendale/Peoria

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Top 7 pizza restaurant in Glendale/Peoria, are also the top 10 Italian restaurant in Glendale/Peoria

Lucky’s Pizza 
#1 Pizza Restaurant in Glendale
#1 Italian restaurant in Glendale
Address6630 W Cactus Rd # 108, Glendale, AZ 85304
HoursOpen today · 10:30AM–10PM

Pullano’s Pizza 
#2 Pizza Restaurant in Glendale
#2 Italian restaurant in Glendale
Casual, long-running, family-owned restaurant & bar serving wings, pizza & other Italian dishes.
Address13848 N 51st Ave, Glendale, AZ 85306
HoursOpen today · 11AM–11PM

Vito’s Pizza 
#3 Pizza Restaurant in Glendale
#3 Italian restaurant in Glendale
Veteran outpost for Chicago-style pizza, pasta & sandwiches in a spare, no-nonsense dining room
Address4318 W Northern Ave D, Glendale, AZ 85301
HoursOpen today · 3–10PM

Graziano’s Pizzeria 
#4 Pizza Restaurant in Glendale
#4 Italian restaurant in Glendale
Address20329 N 59th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85308
HoursOpen today · 11AM–10PM

Sardella’s Pizza & Wings
#5 Pizza Restaurant in Peoria
#5 Italian restaurant in Peoria

 Wings, calzones & hand-tossed pizzas are served up in this counter-serve eatery with Italian murals.
Address8278 W Lake Pleasant Pkwy #100, Peoria, AZ 85382
HoursOpen today · 11AM–11PM

Don’s NY Pizza 
#6 Pizza Restaurant in Peoria
#6 Italian restaurant in Peoria
Address7539 W Peoria Ave, Peoria, AZ 85345
HoursOpen today · 10:30AM–11PM

Ray’s Pizza
#7 Pizza Restaurant in Peoria
#7 Italian restaurant in Peoria
No-frills mainstay for counter-serve chicken wings as well as NY-style, thin-crust pies & slices.
Address8385 W Deer Valley Rd, Peoria, AZ 85382
HoursOpen today · 10:30AM–11PM · See more hours
Pizza Restaurant in Peoria, Italian restaurant in Peoria
Lucky’s New York style pizza Serves up some authentic tasting East Coast pizza. You’ve tried the rest now try the best is the same on their website. They are family owned and operated new york style pizza from the heart of New York City. They make Italian food just like mom does they have spaghetti with sauce spaghetti met with mushrooms spaghetti with meatballs they have lasagna them the stuffed shells they have big city,  they have eggplant Parmesan or chicken Parmesan even have ravioli or manicotti. Let’s talk about pizzas just for a second it looks like all their pizzas are under $20 take a look at the meat lovers or the veggie pizza they even sell pizza by the slice. They have Sicilian style pizza for those of you that don’t know that’s the square pizza not round they have Napoleon pizza that would be a white pizza, the calzone  it’s out of this world.
Pullano’s Serves up some great food. They got the winner’s choice award for best mom and pop a Italian restaurant for channel 3. This restaurant was started close to 38 years ago so I think it’s stood the test of time of serving quality food. Mike and Bonnie said they appreciate your business. Their appetizer menu is full of authentic New York appetizers. Starting with a New York pretzel the best in town brushetta cheese curds tomato garlic crisp or the mushroom combo the famous cheese crisp are the artichoke scampi they have some great great appetizers. There’s 10 sellers to choose from so everybody can get what they like at this restaurant. They have world famous wings with every sauce you can imagine and then the pizzas they go from personal size to extra large and everything in between they have specialty Peters and of course the calzone.
Vito’s pizza Is the home of authentic Chicago deep dish pizza. The deep dish pizza does take 45 minutes to cook so plan ahead. Vito does have some great specialty pizzas that also come in thin crust thick crest vegetarian or the midi house special. They even serve hot sandwiches like Italian beef home in Italian meatball Italian’s sausage or the combo Italian beef and sausage you can add peppers if you need. They have salads as well as deserts.
Graziano’s Pizza Serves authentic East Coast pizza and Italian food period from the cheesy bread sticks to the meatballs to the chicken tenders to the Buffalo wings at all taste great. They even have a East Coast real clam chowder know that’s worth driving the Glendale for a. How solid and an antipasto salad. They got hot oven sandwiches they column grinders got a roast Turkey ham and cheese roast beef they got tuna Italian meat meatballs chicken Parmesan eggplant Parmesan a Italian sausage Parmesan they get some great sandwiches period of course there’s calzone and strong bullies as well as desert. Now let’s talk about that authentic a talion style pizza you can have the cheese pizza or any amount of 10 items to go on the pizza they had veggie they got meat they got special to pizzas and they got spaghetti dinners baked stuffed shells big zizi’s and chicken Parmesan the name a few of the yummy dishes. Pizza Restaurant in Peoria, Italian restaurant in Peoria.
Sardella’s pizza Proudly serves authentic Italian dishes using only the finest freshest highest quality ingredients and serving them up with the excellent customer service when you walk in our for Phoenix locations U expects appeared dining experience each part of our operation from the high quality of our food to the way we do business have been designed with the customer experience in mind. There’s some interesting pizzas at this joint they got an angry Hawaiian pizza I got a chicken Alfredo pizza of veggie Alfredo pizza a Blanco pizza a Mediterranean pizza a Blanco DEluxe pizza the all meat pizza or the all veggie pizza Sardella’s works pizza or the Buffalo chicken pizza the Buffalo chicken barbecue pizza round out we have calzone to knock your socks off but even have a barbecue chicken callous own. The pasta dishes are outstanding the spaghetti with meatballs the ravioli or the fettuccine all outstanding pay look at the boneless wings or the regular wings the salads all super yummy O they got me balls and garlic knots and cheesy bread and cookies to round out the menu.
Dons New York pizza serves an honest style East Coast pizza. They make it really easy to purchase to start with a cheese pizza and add toppings for $2 each. That’s an easy way to make a pizza they have a New York supreme pizza never meat lovers pizza they have a veggie lover’s pizza a Buffalo chicken pizza there’s a chicken bacon ranch pizza a barbecue chicken pizza margherita pizza a white Deluxe pizza or just a white pizza there is Sicilian thick crust pizza available.

Ray’s pizza Is one of the few restaurants that serves pizza by the slice. You might wanna try the monster pizza that has just about everything on it or the veggie pizza try the white pizza the meat lovers pizza the Hawaiian pizza the chicken Alfredo pizza the Buffalo chicken pizza or the spinage pizza. They have 4 different Sicilian pizzas that’s a square pizza folks. Go with a Sicilian thick cheese pizza or the monster Sicilian a thick pizza go with a veggie or the meat lovers Sicilian style pizza Amazing appetizers amazing salads and the chicken wings are good. You have to try the calezano raise get the special or the meat lovers callous on. Go ahead and try the hoagie that makes for great sandwich it raise New York style hoagies was sausage and cheese added this world the meatball and cheese hoagie how about the eggplant parmesan hoagie the meatball with cheese peppers and onions holy it doesn’t get any better than this folks. Ray’s pizza serves an authentic philly cheese steak all away from Philadelphia. Now we got the Italian hot plates of course there’s big city and Spanish and meatballs eggplant parmesan and spaghetti with meatballs trium all folks the desserts are excellent also.


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I love pizzas calm today we’re going to
talk about the top seven pizzas in
Glendale Arizona or P area whichever you
want let’s go with the lucky seven lucky
seven looks like a great little Italian
pizza from New York see the little yeah
super yummy everything’s going on there
then we got Polly knows pizza and wings
this looks like real Italian food here
good looking Mike and Bonnie yeah they
look great let’s go – Vito’s Vito’s
pizza thin crust
super yummy lots of toppings EPs what we
like to see then we got Graziano’s
Glendale Arizona pizzeria this looks
Italian and this looks really good sar
Della’s looks like a cheese pizza for
$19.99 we see him on TV oh they got some
cheese and pasta then we got Don’s New
York Pizza looks pretty yummy Ray’s
Pizza has slices it’s the best
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