Pizza restaurant in Chandler, Italian restaurant in Chandler.

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The top 7 pizza restaurant in Chandler, are also Italian restaurants in Chandler

We have some great Italian restaurants in Chandler and great some pizza restaurants in Chandler.

Bella Gusto Urban Pizzeria 
#1 Pizza Restaurant in Chandler
#1 Italian restaurant in Chandler
Address1964 N Alma School Rd #1, Chandler, AZ 85224
HoursOpen today · 11AM–9PM · See more hours

Buon Padre Pizza 
#2 Pizza Restaurant in Chandler
#2 Italian restaurant in Chandler
Address1080 E Pecos Rd suite 23, Chandler, AZ 85225
HoursOpen today · 11AM–10PM

Floridino’s Pizza & Pasta 
#3 Pizza Restaurant in Chandler
 #3 Italian restaurant in Chandler
Roomy option for muffins stuffed with pizza fixings, plus Italian standards & wine & beer.
Located in: Granada Plaza
Address590 N Alma School Rd #35, Chandler, AZ 8522
HoursOpen today · 11AM–9PM

Pesto’s Pizza & Wine Bar 
#4  Italian Restaurant in Chandler
#4 Pizza restaurant in Chandler
Long-running spot offering Italian fare, wine flights & weekly live jazz in a casual, chic space.
Address1960 W Ray Rd #4, Chandler, AZ 85224
HoursOpen today · 10AM–10PM

Fired Pie 
#5 Pizza Restaurant in Chandler
#5 Italian restaurant in Chandler
Modern, organic-focused chain offering customizable pizzas & salads, plus local craft beer
Address2855 W Ray Rd #5, Chandler, AZ 85224
HoursOpen today · 10:30AM–9P

Pizza on 87 
#6 Pizza restaurant in Chandler

#6 Italian restaurant in Chandler


Pieology Pizzeria 
#7 Pizza Restaurant in Chandler
#7 Italian restaurant in Chandler
Chain pizzeria serving oven-fired pies made with a diverse range of sauces, cheeses & toppings.
Address3450 W Chandler Blvd #5, Chandler, AZ 85226
HoursOpen today · 11AM–9PM

 The best pizza restaurant in Chandler, Italian restaurant in Chandler.Bella gusto pizza

This place has some outstanding pasta dishes. There’s a chicken Marsala with their own homemade spaghetti red onions and mushrooms in and/or broth. Spaghetti and meatballs with their homemade spaghetti homemade meatballs parmesan and parsley. calamari pesto dish with their very own homemade spaghetti crispy calamari Harlem grape tomatoes and pesto. Now let’s talk about the pizzas we have a Tuscan village pizza ameri marguerite pizza of veggie supreme pizza Viva roma pizza and a pepperoni pizza .We have the Sicilian pizza the fun G or mushroom pizza 4 cheese pizza and the flavor town pizza Bianco that’s a white pizza

Buon padre pizza
This pizza place as a grilled hotdog pizza hand sliced hotdog and child sized pizzas all for the kids Choose from a wide variety of toppings put on homemade delicious crust you have a veggie pizza and island lovers pizza a Buffalo chicken pizza grilled barbecue chicken pizza a meets a pizza and you can put any toppings on your pizza the chill like. Oven bake subs a flat bread ham and cheese in a flatbread combo meat sandwich oven baked equals yummy along with the chicken Caesar seller and a Greek salad round out of delicious menu

Floridinos pizza has original pizza muffins this looks like the yummiest thing ever you could get him stuffed with ham ground beef Italian sausage fresh monterilla cheese and more. You could even get your very own pepperoni muffins spicy chicken pizza muffins barbecue chicken muffins  white pizza muffins. Don’t get me started about the amazing bread sticks or the zesty bread sticks that are out of this world. This place has more than pizza it has great sandwiches amazing calzones and homemade pasta.

Pesto Pizza,

I think this place has the best starters. Please try the bacon wrapped dates give the cheese play to try prosciutto and melon shrimp or rocky point eggplant, a bowl of olives calamari garlic bread stuffed mushrooms meatball sliders cauliflower classic shrimp cocktail are all starters.

They have a beat to salad a Caprice hours a Greek salad and a grilled broccoli Caesar salad. Now let’s talk about the entrees we have a chicken Parmesan we have eggplant parmesan we have an Italian Burger a lamb Burger eggplant rollatini chicken saltimbocca O. Let’s talk about the big city in the baked ravioli and the Laguna in will clam sauce amazing lasagna the pasta Greek the pesto and pastor spaghetti and meatballs shrimp mariner AZ and grilled chicken.

Fired Pie,

We got some interesting pizza here we got up marguerite pizza with Olive oil chunky tomato sauce Monserrat parmesan and fresh diesel. We have a pesto chicken with pesto sauce Monteria fresh monster rather grilled chicken tomato and red onion we have a Hawaiian barbecue with barbecue sauce months aroma Canadian bacon pineapple. We have a veggie pizza and with tomato sauce  olives tomatoes mushrooms peppers and onions we have a stake in blue pizza it’s garlic and oil mozzarella thinly slice steak roasted mushrooms peppers onions and Gorgonzola then we have the media Italian pizza tomato sauce Monteria pepperoni sell Camp cola and your choice of sausage.

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today’s video is brought to you by I
love pizza’s calm today we’re going to
talk about the top seven pizza
restaurants in Chandler let’s start out
with the urban pizzeria otherwise known
as Bella gusta urban pizzeria this is
yummy tasting pizza look at that stuff
it’s original it’s authentic it’s just
like your grandma would make moving on
let’s go to the Padre pizza yummy looks
really yummy got lots of stuff on it
I like that floor and Dino’s pizza and
pasta looks like it has some authentic
good tasting muffins that looks like a
pizza roll from heaven there look at
that stuff let’s go to pesto’s pizza or
maybe this is some kind of oven I’m not
sure what they’re creating a picture oh
it looks like a gas oven
maybe they serve gas ovens maybe they
serve pizzas I don’t know they do have
wine tastings and weekly specials so we
have wine flights and happy hour maybe
this is just a bar where they serve
alcohol and not pizza let’s move on
fired pie serves pizza pasta and salad
fired in minutes you create your own you
inspire we fire that’s a good motto
there pizza on 87 looks like they put a
fair amount of toppings on there and
it’s a big piece – look at that yummy
stuff huh
look at this picture of the kid that’s a
big pizza let’s go with biology last one
in Chandler the OE gooey cheese bread at
pie ology is super yummy okay this is
the top seven pizza restaurants in
Chandler Arizona
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