Pizza restaurants in Tempe. Italian restaurant in Tempe

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Top 10 pizza restaurants in Tempe, Top 10 Italian restaurant in Tempe

Of the many Italian restaurants in Tempe here are our Fav’s. Here are also a few Pizza restaurant in Tempe.

#1 Italian restaurant in Tempe.
#1 Pizza restaurant in Tempe.
Spinatos Pizza
Address227 S Smith Rd, Tempe, AZ 85281
Open today · 11AM–9PM · See more hours

Clockwork Pizza
#2 Italian restaurant in Tempe.
#2 Pizza restaurant in Tempe.
Straightforward counter-serve spot supplying NYC-style slices & pies, plus quick fare such as wraps.
 Address7520 S Rural Rd, Tempe, AZ 85283
 hoursOpen today · 10:30AM–10:15PM · See more hours
 Phone(480) 755-2250

Spinelli’s Pizza
#3 Italian restaurant in Tempe.
#3 Pizza restaurant in Tempe.
Classic & clever pizzas, plus jumbo subs, served in an industrial, bi-level space with a full bar.
 Address420 S Mill Ave #101, Tempe, AZ 85281
Phone(602) 800-5300

Gus’s New York Pizza
#4 Italian restaurant in Tempe.
#4 Pizza restaurant in Tempe.
Open & delivering all day, this off-campus pizzeria serves NYC-style pies, garlic knots & wings.
 Address829 S Rural Rd, Tempe, AZ 85281

HoursOpen today · Open 24 hours

Phone(480) 829-3995

La Bocca Urban Pizzeria + Wine Bar
#5 Italian restaurant in Tempe.
#5 Pizza restaurant in Tempe.
Trendy spot serving locally sourced pasta, pizza & small plates plus dozens of wines by the glass.
Address699 S Mill Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281
HoursOpen today · 11AM–10PM
Phone(480) 219-9510

Otto Pizza & Pastry
#6 Italian restaurant in Tempe.
#6 Pizza restaurant in Tempe.
NYC-style pizza & Italian plates are served alongside French sandwiches at this cozy choice.
 Address804 Ash Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281

HoursOpen today · 9AM–9PM

Phone(480) 966-4292

My Pie Pizza
 #7 Italian restaurant in Tempe.
#7 Pizza restaurant in Tempe.
Address777 S College Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281
HoursOpen today · 10AM–8PM
Phone(480) 264-6353

The best Italian restaurant in Tempe. And the best Pizza restaurant in Tempe.

At Spinato’s You can take the sauce home yes folks they’re going to let you take the mariner a home in a jar they’re not going to give you the recipe but they’re going to let you take home the great tasting sauces.

You will enjoy the fresh authentic flavors of old world in your kitchen with our line of sauces dressings and gluten free pizza. Our signature recipes use on in the finest ingredients and traditional seasonings so you and your family can enjoy a quality old fashioned meal without Spain all day cooking over the stove that’s what Mamma would have wanted.

Don’t even get me started on this pizza this is the best pizza in metro Phoenix in my mind. They put a healthy amount of toppings on there and it taste like true Italian pizza. You will enjoy the old fashion Italian dishes that this restaurant serves as well as the amazing pizza create your own Calzone create your own pizza this is some of the best food in metro Phoenix

At Clock Work Pizza you can get a great variety of outstanding pizzas. Like the godfather clock pizza or try the white pizza. Give the barbecue chicken pizza try maybe the Buffalo chicken pizza or the meat lovers pizza try the green time veggie pizza or the Greek euro pizza. They have a great selection of salads chicken wings and there’s 6 different types of calzone for different types of hoagies or you can get a grilled sandwich. Plenty to choose from including New York cheesecake and a chocolate chip brownie with ice cream for dessert.

At Spinelli’s these folks have made their name on late night deliveries. They have some interesting sandwiches now some greats from bully as well as pizzas and callous on and salads.

At Gus’s pizza they are for a traditional New York style pizza. Unlike the other guys that use frozen vegetables Gus says he uses the freshest produce. Their dough is made from scratch daily they also shred and blend their own monster realities. They still use or traditional stone deck Pete’s of an text create the perfect pizza it may take a little longer than the assembly line pizzas but it’s well worth it gus promises. I got a lot of things on this menu including fried pickles salads pizzas toasted subs grilled items calzones drinks and desserts come take a look at Gus’s New York pizza.

La Bocca pizza, We got a pizza/wine bar but a great combination pizza and wine outstanding place there were few locations throughout The Valley and you definitely one of taken visit to this establishment the reviews are outstanding they’ve made the top 25 restaurants in Phoenix new times. This restaurant looks to be a notch above the rest of the Italian restaurants and the pizza restaurants. There’s clams and mussels is chicken dishes that look outstanding everything from this place is upscale for a pizza restaurant let’s just call it an upscale pizza restaurant but he get lunch or dinner or just stop in for drinks and herbs this is the place to bring your friends and family out standing food with great wine.

Otto’s pizza is outstanding. It’s going to have a different twist to it because Otto is French. This cozy little small restaurant serves a quick 15 minute pizza with sauce to die for freshly sliced toppings and the best to mozzarella on their pizza slices are made every 10 minutes so you always get a good selection of slices. Autos has been around for 25 years most restaurants don’t last 2 decades. This is an outstanding restaurant you want to take a look at the pizzas and some of the specialty items that are to die for and super yummy.

My Pie Pizza Delivers authentic New York pizza. They have I great selection of pizzas try the spicy but your pizza the angry bird pizza the hot Hawaiian pizza tray the Uncle Nicky pizza or the pesto chicken pizza try the my Greek pizza or the sneaky salami pizza you also have a very vague and pizza. Take a look at the crusts they have loot and free their wheat and they have white crest all the toppings you can imagine. 3 different calzones and plenty of salads to choose from.

#ItalianrestaurantinTempe. And the best #PizzarestaurantinTempe.

today’s video is brought to you by I
love pizza’s calm today we’re talking
about Italian restaurants in Tempe or
Pizza restaurants in Tempe let’s start
with autos autos looks like an
old-fashioned pizza place let’s take a
look at their menu see what it looks
like and it looks outstanding
they got spaghetti folks let’s look at
Gus’s New York Pizza they’re got their
menu on slice so we get no pictures here
it is spun Otto’s in Tempe it is at the
top one of the top three or five pizza
restaurants in all of the valley there’s
2,000 Pizza restaurants and spun Otto’s
in my opinion is at the very top now
let’s go to Clark work pizza in Tempe
their pizza website is on slice so we
get nothing Spinelli’s looks good
looks thin there we got nothing we got
my pie let’s go back to spin’ Otto’s try
this in Tempe it’s it’s very very good
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