Pizza restaurant in Queen Creek, Italian restaurant in Queen Creek

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Top 10 pizza restaurant in Queen Creek, Top 10 Italian restaurant in Queen Creek

Buddyz A Chicago Pizzeria 
#1 Pizza Restaurant in Queen Creek
#1 Italian restaurant in Queen Creek
Address18423 E San Tan Blvd, Queen Creek, AZ 85142
HoursOpen today · 4–9PM

Geno’s Giant Slice #3 

#2 Pizza Restaurant in Queen Creek
#2 Italian restaurant in Queen Creek
Straightforward counter-serve spot for whole & by-the-slice NY-style pizza, chicken wings & subs.
Address21172 S Ellsworth Loop, Queen Creek, AZ 85142
HoursOpen today · 10AM–11PM



Nicastro Wood Fired Pizza  Wood Fired Pizza Catering
#3 Pizza Restaurant in Queen Creek
#3 Italian restaurant in Queen Creek
AddressQueen Creek, AZ
HoursOpen today · 12AM–11PM

Brooklyn V’s Pizza 

#4 Pizza Restaurant in Queen Creek
#4 Italian restaurant in Queen Creek
Address20911 E Rittenhouse Rd, Queen Creek, AZ 85142
HoursOpen today · 11AM–10PM

#5 Pizza Restaurant in Queen Creek
#5 Italian restaurant in Queen Creek
20677 E Maya Rd
Queen Creek, AZ 85142
Phone number(480) 355-0750

Chicago Pizza & Pub 

#6 Pizza Restaurant in Queen Creek
#6 Italian restaurant in Queen Creek
American pub fare plus pizza & calzones are offered at this hangout with TVs tuned to sports.
Address40975 N Ironwood Rd, San Tan Valley, AZ 85140
HoursOpen today · 11AM–2AM

Rosati’s Pizza 
#7 Pizza Restaurant in Queen Creek
#7 Italian restaurant in Queen Creek
Italian chain eatery featuring Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, plus pasta & sandwiches.
Address287 E Hunt Hwy, Queen Creek, AZ 85143
HoursOpen today · 11AM–11PM

Pizza restaurant in Queen Creek, Italian restaurant in Queen Creek

BuddyZ pizza Serves up a hearty Chicago style pizza. For Chicago boys they do know how to make a thin crust pizza and it’s really good. I think The Secret as they butter the Pan 1st a gives them a great flavor. Other menu favorites are the Italian beef the homemade meatballs and the Italian sauce the past other fresh salads and so much more. These guys are smart enough to have a food truck so you could cater some great pizza at your next party. One look at the menu says these Italian guys know how to cook some good dinner. They have what’s called pizza chips that are outstanding they have garlic bread with marron era have garlic cheese bread they are fried mazzarella they have toasted monster rella they had fried calamary and they have homemade potato chips
Their pasta dishes look like something grandma would make. They have outstanding chicken wings and the salads look super yummy of course there’s sandwiches and pizzas.
Geno’s Giant pizza Serves everything big just like the name says. They got some giant salads they have some giant sandwiches they got some giant pizzas and I mean they got some specialty Peters that look outstanding full of toppings. She knows has some giant toasted subs are they got some giant chicken wings and of course they got giant bread sticks.
What’s your really gotta try as the giant pizza that comes with a lot of toppings unlike other places that skimp on the toppings this one does not Gino’s is excellent down in Queen Creek.
Nicastro Pizza brings the wood burning pizza oven to you. Yes they have a food truck the cooks authentic Italian pizza. What a concept they bring you good food to your party or your event they will cater it they have 10″ pizzas starting at $9 boy do they have a good selection from the ergot a pesto to the chicken pesto to the Buffalo chicken to the supreme and some pepperoni and green peppers onions and jalapenos chickens and mushrooms you got it all. It’s excellent for birthdays weddings and showers corporate parties graduation events festivals. Use only the freshest ingredients .
Brooklyn V’s Pizza In Queen Creek is a great place for dinner. Never pesto chicken pizza Hawaiian pizza a penny vodka pizza a barbecue chicken and bacon pizza there’s a Buffalo chicken pizza a white eggplant pizza a 3 meat pizza and a white pizza. They even serve pizza by the slice so get down there and have some lunch. The pasta dishes look like something your mom would make they have big city a penny vodka stuffed shells spaghetti and meat sauce tortallini Alfredo lasagna spaghetti and clams portobello rapper yo leave this is some good stuff folks the dinners a definitely like something your mom your grammar would make.
Oregon’s pizza in Queen Creek Served some great dinner period of course trying to pizzas that’s what they’re famous for they been in The Valley for decades now. My favorite is the lasagna. They have one of the best lasagna is in all of The Valley. It’s a menu you can trust they have the freshest ingredients the freshest cheese the freshest go all served with big portions. If you’re hungry come to this place bring your appetite as they serve you a big dinner the pizzas are amazing the appetizers look out of this world they have muscles they have a flat bread with avacado . Don’t even get me started on the desserts you’ll have to save Room for the super yummy dessert.
Chicago pizza and pub is San tan Valley is favorite sports bar period from the appetizers to the variety of calzones the matter what type of appetite you can enjoy a drink with a great meal they have 17 It screens TV to watch all the sports they have pool tables they ever Chicago private Room to hold up to 68 of your closest friends for your next birthday party or office party least dogs are welcome on the patio .How can you not wanna go to this place if you can bring your dog out on the patio. The appetizers look outstanding from the shrimp basket to the spinach dip to the sloppy fries to the boneless wings. They have 5 salads have 7 sandwiches they have burgers get down there to check out your latest creation for the hamburgers they even have pita sandwiches which I don’t particularly like. The Chicago one pound hot dog chicken wings and fish-and-chips though give me talking about the pizzas because they have 5 different sizes of pizzas from 10″ to 18″ with every topping you could ever imagine the calzones are good the deep dish pizza is good and the desert is outstanding.
O what can we say about Rizal’s of them and has great pizza. They have some outstanding salon’s them and Italian salad a Caesar salad chopped salad a spinage Gorgonzola salad and an antipasto salad. Their pasta dishes are to die for they have a pen a broccoli’s pasta they were cheese ravioli a baked manicotti a baked lasagna fettuccine Alfredo yummy yummy. They have Italian beef they have sweet are hot peppers and they have French bread. They have the Italian beef party pack 5 pounds of Italian beef 6 pieces of French bread and sweet and hot peppers with eyes you. They even have fried chicken they have chicken tenders and mild are hot wings they have plenty of side this is like salads potato salads cold slaw as well as desert.
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today’s video is brought to you by I
love pizza’s calm we’re gonna talk about
the top restaurants in Queen Creek
Arizona let’s start off with Rose
Oddie’s they cut their pizza in square
slices and they serve one of the very
best pizzas in town let’s go to buddy
Z’s Chicago style pizza that has a lot
of marinara on it Gino’s I guess Gino’s
is working by slice so we got a shitty
the little menu to look at oh wow oh now
we got Nicastro we have a pizza food
truck so they’ll bring you woodfired
pizza to your event that’s a great idea
if you and like pizza brought to you and
the Castros will do it Brooklyn these
pizza again they’re on slice so we can’t
show you pictures and then we got
oregano some great great lasagna oregano
and they got good pizza too Chicago
pizza and pub in San Tan they got some
great looking lasagna everything on the
menu is outstanding where do we pick
we’ll go with Rosati as its number one
in San Tan
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